Our Business Mission: To connect and work with people around the world while purchasing unique and beautiful items at fair prices and bringing them to our shop, as well as ensuring to treat our customers, suppliers, and staff with respect and care along the way. The Black Market Boutique realizes their impact to the greater world and strives to be transparent in their actions when working to support people and communities.


 For nearly 30 years now, The Black Market Boutique has been a part of Halifax and has recently added a new boutique in the quaint village of Chester, located on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. 

Walking into either one of our shops is an experience just on it's own! It has the feel of stepping into another world, as each year, we travel directly to India, Nepal, Bali, Thailand, and occasionally Turkey, Peru, Ecuador & Mexico to hand pick our goods from local vendors we've made connections with through our years of being in business. Traveling ourselves to do the purchasing for our stores not only helps us maintain very fair prices for our customers, but it also insures a level of quality that isn't guaranteed when ordering from a catalog or online. 

When we say that the Black Market Boutique is 'bought & sold with heart', we mean it and demonstrate these core values through our business practices.

We take care to buy beautiful, handmade, quality things from people and places we trust, where we can often see how and where things are being made, and more importantly, who is making them. The well-being of people and our community will always be prioritized and the Black Market Boutique, and our shop stays true to this promise by supporting over 20 families directly in the countries we travel to, buying from family-owned businesses, and donating to more than a dozen organizations both locally and globally.

While we are more than happy with our current business, we will always strive to bring you new, unique, quality items, from good sources, with everyone we serve in mind.