Coming from being a street vendor to having two locations and an online store; it's safe to say that the Black Market Boutique has become a successful and reputable local business. 

With success comes profit, however, we are not just in the business of making money. We see our earnings as an opportunity to help support and better the lives of people and the conditions of our planet.

During our years of travelling to Southeast Asia and South America for our buying trips, we have made genuine connections and friendships with people who haven't had the same opportunities as us, adequate living conditions, or the financial means to support themselves or their families. Rather than turning a blind eye to these pressing issues, we decided to take action.

We've worked intimately with families and children, listening to their needs, and helping to support them so they're able to support themselves and their families. 

The Black Market Boutique is happy to say we are currently sending over 25 girls to school in Nepal, India, and Bali. All the while remaining in contact with the parents, and schools to stay up to date with the families progress.